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December 16, 2014



I listen to AM radio mainly for live news and talk. In fact, late this afternoon I heard on KFI a National Weather Service flash flood warning for Torrance, where Jeff lives. I turned on KCBS TV to see several streets in Torrance under water, with many cars stranded.

I hope you weren't out driving around in this, Jeff.


I saw some deep water in the far right driving lanes, but I didn't get stranded.


I have nothing to back this up, but there's rumors going around the broadcast industry that Clear Channel is going to be getting out of the radio business and go strictly iHeartRadio. I normally don't pay attention to rumors, but when it comes to radio they're true quite often.
Notice how hard they've been pushing it on there stations lately?

Ok, so let's address a couple of issues. The cost of data? Very true, but how much does it cost an FM station to pump out 100,000W of power? Now add on ASCAP and BMI. That's some serious money. A lot more than data, for sure. Also you can add to the cost of keeping the transmitter and everything else going on top of data too as must station now stream.

FCC content regulations. This is 2014, yet people still can't speak with the language we actually use over the airwaves. In fact it's more restrictive now than it was 20 years ago. There's a reason the top TV shows are from cable channels now instead of the old broadcast networks. Radio is no different.
Content: Music? There is no need for music radio at this point at all. What passes for airplay now is far behind the curve, so it's not like you're going to be exposed to anything new. Talk? Mostly the same thing going out over hundreds (if not thousands in some cases) of stations. Local content is few and far between, so why bother with transmitting nationwide feeds over the air? It's not like we are still restricted to just whatever stations are in our aria anymore.

Radio may very well survive, but if they don't make some serious adjustments is going to become pure novelty.
When TV started coming in radio adapted and transformed into something new to stay relevant. The days of The Lone Ranger over the radio were gone. Now that there's something else to contend with it seems as if they think the same old same old will see them through for some reason.

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