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December 18, 2014



Looks great and I think you'd like it, but how would you get wrist time for it along with your Tuna, gen 2 Monster, Field Master, and kinetic?

Anyhow, if that black one didn't have gold coloring I'd seriously consider it.


I'd have to get my collection down for sure. I'll need to sit down and write a list of a desired configuration with tiers and such.


Ha, I knew you'd like it. All that chunky metal makes it look appealingly robust.


Ulysses, that's the first time I saw the all stainless model. I have to have it. I'll put it on a Super Engineer bracelet, the one that's on my Tuna and then I'll put the stock rubber strap back on the Tuna.


I'd be happy with a collection of 11 strong:If I sold some of my collection, I could do the following:

1. Orient Saturation Diver

2. Seiko SRP637 on the 22mm Super Engineer from my Tuna

3. Seiko Tuna back on the rubber strap

4. Seiko Sumo

5. Benarus Megalodon

6. Benarus Moray Dart

7. Citizen Eco-Zilla

8. Seiko SRP307

9. Seiko SBDL021

10. Seiko SUN019

11. Citizen Promaster Sky in Duratect black (wish list)


Looks good, Jeff. I think that Citizen Promaster Sky really rounds it out.

I do wonder, though, about the redundancy of all of those Seikos - there's just so much overlap. On the other hand, every collection has its own distinct character, perhaps even a hallmark specialization - and yours is Seiko divers.


You'd be happy, but for how long, Jeff?


I'm a Seiko freak. I wonder how much of a watch freak I'd be if Seiko did not exist. But I'm sure I'd be drawn to micro divers, Citizen high end stuff, and a few others.

Regarding happiness, in the context of watch obsession happiness is a chimera.


One approach you might want to take, Jeff, is don't sell any Seikos (for awhile, at least). Allow yourself to gradually collect all the Seikos you want and then in six months or a year, take stock and decide what is redundant.

It would be kind of cool to try to collection ALL the Seiko divers and have a little museum...of course that would involved dozens of pieces, hundreds if you got into vintage. And it would eventually lead you to the upscape models like the SBDX001 and SBDB001.


Yeah, I won't rush selling the Seikos but as they overlap over a period of a year or so I'll be able to see which ones if any to sell.


That's a cool looking watch. I just got the SUN019 kinetic and I am loving it. I also have a solar diver (SSC019) and a limited edition automatic diver (SRP453K1) which kind of looks like a very budget Tuna, but has interesting blue color dial. Feel like I don't need all three, but they all wear quite differently. I'm tempted by the solar Prospex that are more aviation style, too.


Shaun, how are you doing at rotating the energy thirsty SUN019 with the rest of your collection? Do you wish like I do that the SUN019 was automatic or quartz rather than kinetic?


I wore the SUN019 pretty frequently last week, but I think that was just because it was new. The limited edition I don't wear all that often... Perhaps because I have to wind it up if I haven't worn it in a day or so. I'm more likely to sell that. It's the only automatic I have and I'm liking the idea of upgrading to an Omega. Of course solar powered seems to be the best option, generally, if the cells aren't too noticeable. But I'll see with the kinetic. The SUN019 is my first.

Ricardo Ferreira Da Silva

Hi Jeff,

started watching your YouTube blogs and I must say that I really relate to your collection and taste in time pieces.

I bought a Seiko SUN019 about two weeks ago and I can definitely say that it does need a lot of wrist time but it is such a beautiful piece, when I saw it on holiday I had to have it.

After watching about three hours of your blog I then saw the Seiko SRP637 and instantly needed it as a part of my collection, I have quite a few Chronographs but I am definitely a converted diver watch enthusiast now.

To anyone considering buying either one of these models , you will not regret it from the second the clasp snaps closed on your wrist.

Look forward to hearing more of your blogs Jeff, keep up the good work.

Oh and one thing I could not find on YouTube and only found out recently was the Clasp extension for when you are diving, perhaps you could just mention it on one of your blogs for new buyers.


Thanks for the kind words. I don't know which clasp extension you're talking about. Benarus makes such clasps for their watches.

To risk tempting you, the Seiko SRP655 should be released soon and is a very bold, massive diving watch.

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