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December 09, 2014



Yosemite has a handful of bugs. Every OSX release from the last few years has had some problems on release with patches coming out later. Hey, at least you didn't buy a MacBook. I've had several over the years - their rubber feet must be glued on with spit as they always fall off for me after about a year :|.


That's not just MacBooks, Ulysses, but every laptop I've ever owned. I think when all is said and done, the Macbook is still arguably the best laptop out there - unless we're talking about real high-end stuff.

My problem is that I use my laptop so much and am also a bit careless with it, so I really need the sturdiest build I can find. The Asus is pretty good and better than previous Dells, HPs, Samsungs, Compaqs etc that I've had, but it still is starting to show wear in little-to-moderate ways after two years.


Jay Allen reviews the CC-Skywave radio:




Have you tried installing the latest Office for Mac 2011 updates (assuming this is the version you're using)?


Someone said you may have to install the Service Pack 1 first, then install the latest update (currently 14.4.7).


Here's the link where I found the above info.



Yeah, I did that yesterday.


It seems these "reliability" problems you're experiencing are specifically issues related to desktop computing, which is a lot more power and complexity to deal with than you would ever need for music or blogging. You should at some point seriously look into an iPad, which would be a much better and more reliable fit for you.

Bill DeFelice

My Mini is just over a month old and it came with Mavericks. In chatting with one of my co-workers who does the bulk of Mac support in our 19 campus facility it sounds like Apple has a bunch of work to get the bugs out of 10.10. My gut reaction is to stay at 10.9.5. I don't know if you can roll the computer back to 10.9 or not, but it might not be a bad idea.

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