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March 21, 2015




Is your Tuna an SBBN017? Does it have a standard screw-back to facilitate battery replacement?


Yes, I believe it does based on everything I've read and my dealer said he can change it.


Yep, if you have to pay $1000.00 for an oil change and are without the car for a period of time---it's not worth buying it in the first place.


1. Pity more quartz watches don't have separate battery hatches to allow easy replacement.

2. If the maintenance on a gadget, or if the amount the dealer offers as a discount from suggested retail, is itself more than I could afford to pay for the thing, I usually take that as a Bad Sign. :)

Steven Moore

Hi Jeff,

I have to disagree on this one. The Darth Tuna is on my list of wants. I do not believe the battery is that big a deal. It is a 5 year battery and I think you get a coupon for the first change. You still have to pay the shipping. The first 10 years should not cost you much, 60 dollars? I had my SMP serviced once in 10 years for more than that and it was gone for weeks. I might even try doing this battery myself. My concern for this watch is the ceramic shroud. I look a it as both a good and bad thing. It is very durable but can be broken or scratched. There are metal ones available on the bay.

I do like the idea of a dedicated battery door. I think the one on my Suunto Core is great but it is not a 1000m dive watch. I think the monocoque titanium case is one of the major appeals of this watch.

Also I wanted to say thank you. You were a factor in deciding to buy the black Sumo. I wanted a black watch that was easy to swap zulu/nato bands. It is working out perfectly. Are you buying another one in 6 months? :)

kind Regards,


As much as I like the Sumo, I'm too embarrassed to buy another. Good luck with the Darth Tuna. If you're not put off by the battery change, then you've found an appealing watch.


All watches require servicing at some point. Excluding all that require a service beyond what you yourself or the local mall kiosk can accomplish is to exclude a huge number of makes and models.

For example, the 5 year battery change in the SBBN013 is nowhere near as big of a deal both in cost and time as having a service done on an Omega automatic chronograph.

A convenient rationalization to avoid spending money you probably shouldn't or don't want to, maybe. But service is an inevitably if you plan to own anything nice for more than a flipper's average ownership time.

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