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March 25, 2015



- No stereo: there is only one speaker in the case and the headphone out is mono.

- No clock, no alarm.

- The internal battery allows for a grand total of 15 minutes radio listening time when fully charged.

It looks like a plesant bedside stereo alarm with some handy lighting features, but the lighting is the only feature.


Review of the Pono Player by John Atkinson (Stereophile):


His conclusion:

Considered on its own merits, the PonoPlayer is a well-engineered, high-performance, portable player that is equally at home in a conventional high-end audio system, and is offered at a fair, affordable price. In combination with the PonoMusic World app, it offers a plug'n'play gateway to high-quality music reproduction. I bought the review sample; can't wait for it to get back from the photo session.


I'm not going to knock on Young or the Pono at all other than to say we've had good players capable of excellent reproduction for quite some time now, and you've been able to dub off your LPs, open reel tapes, or whatever source you'd like in very high quality digital for a long time now as well.
Want a Pono? Go for it, but also know that there are other options out there far beyond Apple's versions of your sister's 1980s $100 Emerson stereo. What? Anything by these people for one...

Young has at long last pointed out to the older folks who may not be so digital tech inclined, but can remember what music is supposed to sound like because they had/still have a good stereo system from back in the days when such a thing was still common that you don't have to settle for the modern lackluster junk that's become the norm. It's about time someone did.

Why is he catching so much flack? Nobody wants to hear that what they've been listing to for the past 10+ years sounds like shit...especially if they've forked over way too much money for something with a fruit on the back of it and too much yet again for headphones with a red B on the side of them that sound bad enough to make the best out of something awful do to it's limitations. Who want to be told that they've been played for a fool? Nobody, so of course they're going to try to poke holes in anything that points it out.
Harsh? Perhaps, but it's the truth.

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