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March 11, 2015



Apple will probably succeed because for those who drank the Apple Kool-Aid to the point they haven't had a watch in years, the company will be able to present the idea of a wearable timekeeping device as new and innovative.

I still don't see the point of smartwatches. But it would be well to remember that the first version of any new tech is rather pointless. When computers used punchcards, did anyone think we'd ever want that at home? The first home computer I know of was designed as a kitchen appliance because it stored recipes; only thing anyone could think to do with it. And if you saw the first PDAs, or worse, had one, you'd never forsee their iPhone or Android descendants.

That said, the fancy watch market won't die no matter what. Remember that a $50,000 handmade Swiss luxury watch doesn't keep time as well as a disposable LCD quartz watch from a cereal box. People buy these things because they want to buy them. Obsolete? Who cares? It's been a century since wristwatches took over, but some people still buy pocket watches. Hades, some people buy SUNDIALS. If it's a luxury item someone will want it, and if they want it, they'll buy it.


As I mentioned in an earlier post from that blog, when you're paying around $570 for a steel bracelet alone, you know that company is taking the piss out of the consumer. The idiots will pay it. It's snake-oil and i'm surprised corporations still get away with it.


Upscale Swiss and Japanese watches have a rich history behind them that will stand up to this crass Apple gadget faddism.


Apple an do no wrong. Their ability to sell ice to an Eskimo is something to be marveled.
I'm sure their watches will fly off the shelves in astounding numbers. Not because it's any better than the others, just because it has "Apple" on it. The media will fall all over themselves on how great it is since the invention of sliced bread.
But then on the other hand, people might think twice, at $350 for the entry level, without any kick-back from the carriers, it might put a damper on a few folks. Naw I take that back, who needs food when I can read my email on my itsy bitsy screen instead of my iPhone 6 plus.


What makes the gold Apple Watch, with just 1 to 2 troy ounces of gold, worth $10,000? What does one do with this $10,000 watch after it's obsolete in 2 to 3 years? I guess only people with money to burn will be buying this version.

As Anna Kendrick said on Twitter, "We should be thanking Apple for launching the $10,000 "apple watch" as the new gold standard in douchebag detection."

For this kind of money, one could probably buy a nice Rolex and a nice Omega, and they could last for generations if properly maintained.


Best-case scenario for traditional watch types (like myself): Apple watches succeed and drive traditional watch pries down. Also, used watches flood market causing prices to dip lower ("What do I need this Omega for? It can't do anything").

Or is that wishful thinking?


I feel like I've got skin in the game in this Apple thing. I need them to fail in this venture to affirm my traditional watch hobby. Apple cannot render my watch collection obsolete.

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