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May 02, 2015



This is hilarious, Jeff. Your best video yet.


Wow, I feel kinda guilty now. Perhaps we're just a bunch of enablers who should keep in mind that some people have wives and kids and other responsibilities.

So here's the thing... if you could raise enough disposable income from watch sales and a few months of savings to get the watch out-right, and it didn't really effect your mutual plans for the family, then she shouldn't be able to object to it. That said, the kids and wife must take priority when there are other expenses still to be dealt with.

There is, however, one other option, but it might cost you your dignity:


Go for the bunk bed style where the top one is fenced in----wouldn't want one of those pretty little girls to fall from the second story! I was thinking this conversation could go in a different direction though: At that point before you told her the price, right after introducing the watch: "Oh, that's nice. Looks like your other watches though. Is it another diver?" "Yes, but this one is SPECIAL." "Oh, well yes, but that's what you said about the Tuna. And you said the same thing about the Invicta Gargantuan. No wait, the Leviathan, that's it, the Leviathan. How is that one doing?" "Well you see honey, that's the good news. I SOLD that Invicta and a bunch of other Invictas and that ummm....HELPED me to buy this new Omega." "Oh, whew, great. I was thinking you went out and spend five or six hundred dollars on that Omega and we could really use that money to help buy those bunk beds." "Well, this was more than a few hundred dollars, like I said, it's SUPER SPECIAL, more special than that Leviathan." "Yep, but nice that you sold your entire Invicta collection so that it was an even exchange." "Well, that's just it...ummm...you see...ahhh"


Ulysses, don't feel guilty. I look at all this as material for a comedy video. No worries, mate.


Don't look at the cost of the "6K Omega Planet Ocean". Figure out how many hours of work it will take you to acquire it? Is it worth it?


I'm gonna side with your wife on this one, and forget about the self-actualization rubbish.

It's very hard for me to say this...I'm really struggling...but...in this case, the wife is the voice of reason. Oh, that hurt....


Here's an interesting article about how tritium gas tubes for watches (and other applications) are made:


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