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March 19, 2016



The takeaway from this shootout is that the new Tecsun DSP radios are generally not that good on AM. That's too bad; I had higher hopes for this new generation of radios.


But the Sangean PR-D4W, which is also a DSP radio, is excellent on AM. It performs as well as some bigger or more expensive radios.


I have no complaints about my Tecsun PL 398 (1 star in Jay's ranking) on AM. It is both more sensitive and selective than the either the Sony TFM-8000W or Sangean PRD9 I have. Now, the Sony is far more pleasant to listen to, so maybe sound quality affects Jay's ranking. The CC Radio-2E (5 stars, according to Jay) is also DSP, btw.

The Professor

I used to follow this blog for occasion posts about radio. Now there's what? Three radio posts a year???

And really... all this wristwatch obsession is just kinda weird. Or just sad.

Keith Beesley

It's sad for those of us who love radio, Prof, but at the same time I understand it. I tend to go through periods of intense interest in a certain subject myself. Often I lose interest in that subject for a while, then circle back to it months or years later. You could take up some of the slack (if you're "The Radio Kitchen" guy)...


About a year ago, I posted that I solved "my radio problem" by finding high-performing radios for every room in my house. Once the problem was "solved," I lost my passion to write about radios. I'm sorry some people are missing the radio posts.

Ed S.

I was a regular contributor of radio posts, and I still am buying and selling radios all the time. I have to admit the wristwatch posts drove me away. It seemed like a game of who can afford the most expensive pieces of archaic time-keeping devices/cum jewelry. And that's not even very manly, for a purportedly macho blog site! Manly jewelry....fashion? Whaaaa???
Well Jeff, if you ever re-stoke your passion for radios, let me know, there are still some interesting things going on in the hobby.


I miss that photo of the yellow Telefunken with lemons near it.


Ok Gentlemen, Lets start our own.


SWLing Post is doing a good job and is Radio Jay Allen http://swling.com/blog/

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