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March 16, 2016



Great piece as usual, Jeff. There are a lot of points for contemplation.

As for my own Watch Obsessive journey, which started with an innocent search for a new analog G-shock and led me to stumble upon Watchuseek and Herculodge and Jonny Casual, I can offer these sets of realizations:

1. Jonny and Jeff often tell you to buy what you like and don't buy based on the expectations of others. That is really good advice.

2. Watch Obsession is a journey. It takes a number of purchases and ownership experiences to refine your tastes and to discover what truly makes you tick.

3. Inner torment is part of the equation. Some look at it as never being satisfied, but I prefer to think of it as a really intense exercise that is essential to the process.

4. There is no such thing as an Exit Strategy. At some point in the journey you will realize that you will become mostly content with what you have and not be motivated to get more. But who knows when that will come and how many watches will be in your collection at the time?

5. Flipping and re-buying is part of the equation, too. It helps sharpen future actions and purchases one might take.

6. Knowing yourself and your tastes is key to understanding what your needs are. As much as I'm curious about certain dress watches, since I work from home and no longer dress daily for a professional environment, I really don't need more than one dress watch. All my purchases lately have been on the casual/sporty side of the market.

7. Nobody really understands a Watch Obsessive or their motivations. Muggles don't understand the world of witches and warlocks, either. It's okay and a Watch Obsessive really doesn't have to explain it to anyone else. You'll get an occasional, "Oh, he's really into watches" comment from others and that will be it. It certainly doesn't have much of a negative connotation like say collecting lunch boxes or Hello Kitty gear.

8. The Tier 4 and 5 world is not necessarily the ultimate goal of a Watch Obsession nor does it need to be the end result. One can be very happy with the selection in Tier 2, and can remain there for the rest of one's life. Despite the Muggle world's uniformed opinion, a Rolex is not necessarily watch nirvana.

9. Thinking about watches is always better than thinking about politics, the environment, or money. It's certainly less depressing.

10. The Journey IS the destination. A hobby is all about wasting time in a relaxing way. While it may be stressful, it is what we do and we should make no apologies for it. Just as long as we don't get carried away by it, which of course has happened to some.


I agree with your points. I wish there were an exit strategy, only because I'm spending too much money on watches. Also, I made the video because I find the obsession controls me more than the other way around.


Hi Jeff, no time no talk to! I am glad you are still posting, I haven't been a dedicated reader lately (losing my radio bug), but I always enjoyed reading your articles, would take me out of my work day grind!

Hey, maybe I can leverage your background, I think I like the following watch, not sure it is currently made, can you identify any cheaper subsititutes, like around $200-300?


Thanks for any response,

KR in Chattanooga


Nothing that cheap. The less priced Citizen Grand Touring is about $690. If I find a Seiko that looks like that for 300, I'll let you know.

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