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I'm reminded of something a friend once told me: We tend to teach (or preach) what we ourselves need to hear, or more deeply embody. What he didn't say (or understand, I think) is that the best teachers are those for whom what they teach is living and real. So in my mind, you are eminently qualified to teach Frankl, moreso than if you were the ubermensch.

Ted Williams was a terrible manager, not only because he was an asshole but, I think, because for him hitting was easy. He just didn't understand that no one else could see the ball like he could, had his hand-eye coordination.

There's a term co-opting by the New Age movement from the Joan Halifax book, "Shaman: The Wounded Healer." The basic idea is that the shaman, or spiritual healer, is one who has been wounded and who has healed his or her own wound. The key is that the shaman must be someone who is wounded, who has had the personal experience of being wounded - otherwise they don't really get it.

This is not to say that you are, or should be, a "shaman" - but the shaman is the transcended state of the wounded one, similar to how Frankl is Dangerfield/Costanza transformed. Now maybe Dangerfield and Costanza don't have the vision to become Frankl, but they have their own version, a "transcended self" - one that has attained a kind of existential liberation from the burden of one's egoic, habitual mental scripts and self-perpetuated patterns of suffering.

You should write a book or blog entry/chapter called the Tao of Costanza. What would a liberated George Costanza look like? One that is still George Costanza, but with a sense of inner freedom and lightness? Not the Summer of George, but the Tao of George, which flows through all seasons.


Those words hit home. I indeed teach what I need to hear. I think I read that and many Costanza books.


The imposter syndrome. It is spoken of in Adult Education in relation to the anxiety felt by students, particularly those returning after a long absence, or those who are upgrading after a previous failed experience. I sometimes feel it as well when facing my students. I wonder what I could possibly teach them.

As far as the ideal man compared to our imperfect reality, I would argue that that dichotomy is essential to progression. Declaring victory in achieving the goal would be hubris. Rather, it is the journey that is the whole point.

George's character must always show his traits and tendencies or he ceases to be comic since we see in him our own shortcomings. George must be grasping and self-absorbed. Likewise he must be short, fat, and balding - our modern male shortcomings as represented visually of representative of our inward failures. We carry them with us and George shows that we all suffer from this burden.


I suppose it's better that I wrestle my inner impostor than simply surrender the George Costanza within. I'm reminded Costanza had an alter ego, a phony character he'd call himself. I think it was Vandalay or something.

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