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Now I'm confused as what you mean by "meaning" - or perhaps your specific term, the Holy Grail of Meaning. All, or at least most, of those eight essentials could be interpreted as meaning, especially the first one.

How do you differentiate meaning from these eight essentials? Or I suppose another way of framing my question is, what do you REALLY want with regards to your quest for meaning? What is not in those eight essentials that you call meaning?

Here's a metaphorical image. Imagine the eight essentials as a sieve. When you put your search through it, what remains? What is the remaining quality, the "ninth essential need?"


I just re-watched Stardust Memories for maybe the 5th or 6th time - one of Woody's best. Anyhow, I don't know when you last saw it, or if you've seen it, but I really recommend watching it as it is isomorphic to this blog. I love the "answer" Woody comes to at the end - in a way, he makes the jump from the existential to the spiritual, although not calling it that. But the last scene with Dory is just beautiful.

I hate cutting it out of the movie, but here's the two-minute scene I'm talking about:


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