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I feel honored to provide a chapter. I want 0.00001% of your royalties...or just your Citizen Grant Touring.

The snow is pouring down here. Today was a snow day, which is nice to have the family together but also hectic with the girls making one mess after another.


I suppose co-authorship is inevitable since a blog is more than a book; it's a dialogue.

The messes in our house bring to mind the Myth of Sisyphus.


Sisyphus - exactly. We continually struggle with trying to teach them to clean up after themselves vs. just doing it ourselves because its easier. If you come up with a magical cure, let me know. The only thing I find that works is incentive - usually watching a movie.


One thing about keeping focus on the meaning blog is that it dulls my desire for new watches and consumerism in general.


As long as it doesn't dull your desire to take wrist and comparison shots of your new Citizen.

But seriously, I think that's a good living example of how the more creative one is, the less one needs surrogates.

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