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Ed S

Sorry, can't agree completely. When you bring a new life into this world, your life must go on the back burner, at least temporarily. It's not all about you anymore. Why do so many children of
"Fulfilled" and "accomplished" parents turn out so screwed up? And sure, they will usually say the kid was mentally defective in some way. Oh, please.


Ed, I think it's a balance. Or I should say the sacrifice should be 80 percent, not 100 percent. There has to be a little self-building. But overall I agree with your point as it speaks to parents who retain their individual vaulting ambition in the face of having children.


Ed, if someone is fine with putting their life on the back burner, then I see no problem with that. But complete self-abnegation only leads to problems - and, ultimately, worse parenting. As Jeff said, there's a balance. And I'm not talking about watching the game while your wife is going through labor, but making time for oneself, to pursue one's creative interests.

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