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Ed S.

At worst I would say having time to ponder philosophy is elitist, or something the majority of humanity does not have the time to worry about that much.


I couldn't agree more. But I guess it's good for college students to grapple with the subject during the short window they will have. After college, many of them may not have the time or energy to contemplate the "meaning of life."


"Our pediatrician said human beings are omnivores and should eat some meat, including our daughters."

Your grammar is usually immaculate, but this made me laugh, especially given the recent news out of Nigeria. Please don't eat your daughters, Jeff.

On a serious note, I think self-interest vs. altruism is a false duality, for (I believe) people act altruistically because it gives them deep pleasure.

Using this logic you could say that the reason I'm vegetarian is not ultimately because of the suffering animals experience, but because of the suffering I experience when I eat them. In other words, I'd rather do without the culinary pleasure of eating meat then experience the sense of unease I get when I eat meat.


Jonny, thanks for catching that. Oh boy.

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