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Ed S.

Sounds like you have some form of synesthesia.
That's OK, I see numbers as dots on dice.


I have heard of that word synesthesia. Any other symptoms of that condition? Benefits? Flaws?

Ed S

Youd be in good company ...Stephanie Carswell has the same condition... http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_with_synesthesia


And Asperber's spectrum. My wife always thought I had a touch of that.

Jeff Jung

I'm writing the colors I've always associated with the days of the week without looking at yours first. Let's see if any match.

Monday: Dark Blue
Tuesday: Hot Pink or else Yellow
Wednesday: Light Green
Thursday: Burnt Orange
Friday: Deep Red
Saturday: Aquamarine
Sunday: Lemon Yellow or Rainbow-colored

Jeff Jung

Wow, not one match. Clearly one of us is crazy.


So you have a touch of synethesia?

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